Glenese Hand & Cody Evans-Gan

the <mutant> FLY

  • the &lt;mutant&gt; FLY the <mutant> FLY Every Thur, Fri, & Sat
  • the &lt;mutant&gt; FLY
		FLY the <mutant> FLY the <mutant> FLY FLY Staring Jack Sharkey & Glenese Hand
  • the &lt;mutant&gt; FLY
		FLY the <mutant> FLY - Jack Sharkey the <mutant> FLY FLY Seth "Jack Sharkey" gets ready to teleport
  • the &lt;mutant&gt; FLY
		FLY the <mutant> FLY - Glenese Hand the <mutant> FLY FLY Veronica "Glenese Hand" snoops for information!
  • the &lt;mutant&gt; FLY
		FLY the <mutant> FLY - Rachel Hayes the <mutant> FLY FLY Tawney "Rachel Hayes" volunteers ...
  • the &lt;mutant&gt; FLY
		FLY the <mutant> FLY - Andria Emerick and Khalil the <mutant> FLY FLY Nurse "Andria Emerick" and Strathis "Khalil LeSaldo" deliver .... WHAT!
  • the &lt;mutant&gt; FLY
		FLY the <mutant> FLY - Cody Evans-Gan the <mutant> FLY FLY "Cody Evans-Gan" will take you down!


Join the Fight:
Humanity vs. Homeotic Mutant

Opening Weekend: June 13th - 15th, 2013
Ends: July 20th, 2013

Shows run every:
Thurs, Fri, & Sat
Price: $20.00*

It's time to weave a web & capture this FLY! Join us as we go through this unusual journey of metamorphosis all the way from maggot-stage into 'buzz' into one hot mess of a mutated creature! Inspired & adapted from the 1986 Cronenberg classic -- "The Fly." Developed, written, & produced by Glenese Hand & Cody Evans

For Reservations: Call: 773 998-BNP1

* Please arrive early as the building doors are locked.
Do to adult themes, language, and nudity, this show is not recommended for children!

Produced & Written by:
Glenese Hand
with Cody Evans-Gan

Jack Sharkey
Glenese Hand
Khalil LeSaldo
Rachel Hayes
Andria Emerick
Cody Evans-Gan
Sound: Jermey Fodor
Lighting: Keith Hand
Video: Alex Hand
Intern: Carolina Silver