Glenese Hand & Cody Evans-Gan

Who is Tyler Durden?

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There are many times when you think you know who somebody is – who your neighbor is, who your coworker is, even who you are…But certain circumstances in life still leave you wondering “WHO IS ________? “ Join BNP as we take on the many faces & personalities of exactly who TYLER DURDEN is & how his inner struggles affect all those who surround him during his everyday life.

There’s many rules of Fight Club, but only one question to be asked about a mysteriously life-altering man: Who is Tyler Durden? Ask it three times to us & each time you’ll get a small part of the answer. In BNP tradition of putting a spin on things, it’s 3x the intrigue, 3x the sex, & 3x the fighting since we’ve got 3x the amount of Tyler’s in “Who is Tyler Durden?”

Each day for the Narrator (Jeff Newman) was quite predictable & the same could be said about his nightly insomnia. His life played on a repeating loop of traveling from city to city to inspect car wrecks for work -- always packing the same clothes & living off of single-served condiment packages, that is, until he met a soap-maker named Tyler Durden (DJ Douglass, Freddy Lynn Wilson, & Glenese Hand). From that day on, his life was anything but predictable as a whirlwind of events quickly unfold involving Tyler’s mysterious sex partner, Marla (Ashley Agbay); Space Monkeys, explosions, & Project Mayhem; & above all, the therapeutic bloody beatings being dealt in an underground Fight Club with other guys who shared a similar passion of obliterating the routine of their everyday life.

Adapted, Written, & Directed by: Cody Evans-Gan


The Narrator:
Jeff Newman

trio of Tyler Durden:
DJ Douglas
Glenese Hand
Freddy Lynn Wilson

Ashley Agbay

Chloe: Tori Johns

Bob: Derek Dziak

Kyle Fiorelli
Greg Manizza
Jimmy Wilson
Christian Creasy
Jen Walden

Special Appearances by:

Dean Beever 9/6- 9/13
Cody Evans 9/6


Keith Hand (HdyP)

Jeremy Fodor
Missy Styles

Glenese Hand

Special thanks to Chaz Schoenbeck & Adam Michaels for our trailer videos.

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House opens 30 minutes prior to the start time.

(no intermission)

Street Parking

New location!

Prop Thtr at 3502 N. Elston Ave.
(just SE of Addison & Kedzie)