Glenese Hand & Cody Evans-Gan

Titus: apocalypse
a tale of REVENGE

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Titus: Apocalypse - Bare Knuckle Productions Titus: Apocalypse - Bare Knuckle Productions Titus: Apocalypse - Bare Knuckle Productions Titus: Apocalypse - Bare Knuckle Productions

Shows run every
Thurs, Fri, & Sat
(May 9th - June 7th)
Price: $10 - $20*

Bringing Shakespeare's language to beautiful,
bloody life.

In a world where time has no meaning & habit becomes addiction…In a place where the only worlds remaining are two clans constantly at war…This is the final battle between the Andronicii Army & the barbarous Goths. Each side led tirelessly by their commander – each willing to do whatever it takes to continue to survive, to outlast the other clan, to watch the other leader perish…but most importantly, to seek REVENGE.

Combining our two biggest passions of stage combat & blood FX with Shakespeare’s famous words makes for an action-packed evening. Join Bare Knuckle Productions Thursdays through Saturday evenings from May 9th until June 7th as we delve into a new representation of Titus Andronicus. Set in an undefined moment of time where battle reigns constant, rations are sparse, & survivors will do anything & everything to continue to live.

The Andronicii Army has been led valiantly in battle for the last ten years by their leader, Titus (Dan Houle). A disheveled, yet grateful, Rome has appointed him emperor, but politics is not in this man’s blood. Instead the people must accept Saturninus (David Wilhelm) as their emperor, as well as his decision to marry the Queen of the Goths, Tamora (Glenese Hand) whose clan has maliciously slaughtered almost all of Titus’ 25 sons during the war. Family commitments pull at the hearts of each warrior & are at the base of revenge-filled tactics using Titus’ daughter, Lavinia (Felicia Basanavicius) & Tamora’s sons, Chiron & Demetrius (Greg Manizza & Andrew Crooks, respectively).

Watch a clash of Titans as tension, blood, & revenge fills the minds of each of these mighty leaders – each of them willing to go through limitless means to watch the sanity of the other disappear as easily as their respective clans died in the hands of their enemy. Proving once again that you may be able to take the warrior from the battlefield, but never the bloodlust & fight from a revenge-filled warrior.

Drawing elements from Mad Max, The Crow, & Alien3, BNP’s version of TITUS: apocalypse uses Shakespeare’s strength in language & pushes beyond the boundaries of what is acceptable behavior to family, authority, & routine when constantly scrutinized by the public’s eye. Underscored with Nine Inch Nails to further the industrial mood; this is not your traditional Shakespeare.

Directed by: Charles Askenaizer


Titus Andronicus:
Dan Houle

Marcus: Elizabeth Styles

Saturninus: David Wilhelm

Lavina: Felicia Basanavicius

Tamora, Queen: Glenese Hand

Aaron: Reggie Vaughn

Cody Evans
Qiuintus: Shane Rhoades
Martius: Peter Ash
Publius: Brian Zinda
Young Lucius: Dani Loumena


Craig James, Jr.
Aemilius: Kel Hamik
Camerman: Elise Soeder
Nurse: Rory Jobst


Demetrius: Andrew Crooks
Chiron: Greg Manizza
Goth 2: Sarah Nutt


Keith Hand (HdyP)

Jeremy Fodor
Glenese Hand

Cody Evan-Gan
Dani Loumena
House Manager/Production Asst:
Sara Nutt

Glenese Hand

Special thanks to Thom Bowers, Melanie Thompson, James Dolbeare, & all of our indiegogo supporters.

This production is for mature audiences. 

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* Please arrive early as the building doors are locked.

House opens 30 minutes prior to the start time.

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