Glenese Hand & Cody Evans-Gan

Reservoir Dogs

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Reservior Dogs - Bare Knuckle Productions Reservior Dogs - Bare Knuckle Productions Reservior Dogs - Bare Knuckle Productions Reservior Dogs - Bare Knuckle Productions Reservior Dogs - Bare Knuckle Productions

Bare Knuckle Productions presents
an all-female Theatrical production of the Tarantino's iconic film.

Opened: Oct 18th,
Closed: Nov 23rd, 2013

Shows run every:
Thurs, Fri, & Sat
@90min (with intermission)
Price: $15 - $20*

Too often a society becomes complacent with their personal thoughts & are persuaded to believe in a certain manner concerning the everyday roles of both women & men. For our next two shows, Bare Knuckle Productions will examine the dichotomy of personal & societal perceptions while dissecting what it means to be a woman as we let loose a ferocious pack of ladies, Quentin Tarantino-style!

In cooperation with Roundhouse Productions, we will be re-mounting their successful 2011 all-female theatrical version of "Reservoir Dogs." The story & words remains the same as the film, but the impact on the audience's ideals will be forever changed as women take hold of the wheel in this colorful crime story gone awry.

Closely following on the heels of "Reservoir Dogs," (opening in December) we will stretch the boundaries yet in a completely different manner with "Inglourious Bitches." It follows a pack of specialized American soldiers on a guilt-free ravaging mission against Nazi Germany. Females take point as this version's "Basterds" yet their femininity is not recognized except for inside of the individual audience member's thoughts; all other casting will be gender-blind.

Directed by: Cody Evans-Gan
Production Manager &
Glenese Hand
Kasey O'Brien as Ms. White
Felicia Basanavicius as Ms. Orange
Elyse Dawson as Ms. Pink
Marissa Chastain as Ms. Blond
Lauren S. Deaton as Ms. Brown
Liz Davis as Ms. Blue
Fight Consultant: Jack Sharkey
Sound by: Jeremy Fodor
Lighting by: Keith Hand
Deanna Boyd as Jo Cabot
Heidi Buyck as Nice Gal Edie
Ariana Cohen as Det. Holdaway
Rebecca Mullins as the Tortured Cop

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* Please arrive early as the building doors are locked.

House opens at 7:30pm

Beverages available !

Train: We are conveniently located steps from the Brown Line Irving Park exit.
Parking: Free street parking is available.