Glenese Hand & Cody Evans-Gan

House of Yes

(Just Closed - Thanks cast and crew!)

By: Wendy MacLeod

House of Yes - Bare Knuckle Productions House of Yes - Bare Knuckle Productions House of Yes - Bare Knuckle Productions House of Yes - Bare Knuckle Productions

Fri Feb 28th & Sat Mar 1st

Mar 7th - Mar 29th, 2014

Shows run every
Fri & Sat
(Feb 28th - Mar 1th)
Thurs, Fri, & Sat
(Mar 7th - 29th)
Price: $10 - $20*

After a successful first season of challenging our audience’s views of gender stereotypes, Bare Knuckle Productions’ next season will delve into a deep world of conflict. What does it mean to put the needs of the individual against the needs of the group? Be a part of those resultant struggles while the leader stands against their pack…& worlds where kin stands against the tight knit world of their family clan.

When Marty (Cody Evans) returns for Thanksgiving, he brings his fiancé, Lesley (Rachel Hayes) to his familial home only to watch things as they unravel.  Displeasure is immediately & fully voiced by an alcoholic mother, Mrs. Pascal (Liz Davis), whose sharp quips can only be mildly blunted by the snarky younger brother, Anthony (James Dolbeare).  Inside brews a  force far worse than the verbal whirlwind or the physical hurricane threatening to blow down the house -- Marty’s twin sister Jackie O. (Lindsey Ashcroft) seems obsessed with keeping the family together as they once were.  While rain batters against the door, secrets slowly begin to claw their way out, presenting these siblings with choices neither of them are ready to make.

Momentarily putting away our love of the physical combat, Bare Knuckle Productions presents  The House of Yes.  Set in a world where characters instead grapple via mental and emotional violence, we put to test the notion that sticks and stones may break your bones, yet words can also kill you.

Directed by: Jack Sharkey

Cody Evans-Gan

Rachel Hayes
Mrs. Pascal:
Liz Davis

James Dolbeare
Jackie O.:
Lindsey Ashcroft

Glenese Hand
Lighting Designer:
Keith Hand
Stage Manager:
Rachel Hayes

Adult situations, language, & simulated gunshots occur in this production. 

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* Please arrive early as the building doors are locked.

House opens 30 minutes prior to the start time.

Beverages available !

Train: We are conveniently located steps from the Brown Line Irving Park exit.
Parking: Free street parking is available.